Welcome to the research website for John Rueter's lab

The people:

  • John Rueter, Professor
  • Kit Rouhe
  • Bobbie Brunkala

Our friends:

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details on the sampling sites

UKL tour of our favorite spots

Current projects:

Modeling of competition between APFA, MSAE and diatoms in a shallow lake with variations in vertical mixing (Rueter)

Buoyancy of AFA in relation to light history and nutrition (Rouhe)

Role of in-lake marshes on temperature profiles and humic acid concentration (Spartis)

Implications of different proposed lake restoration plans (Brunkalla)



Network of interactions:

A description of UKL, Agency Lake and AFA as nodes and relationships.




UKL elevation-area-depth table

USGS report on water quality monitoring



Lakes of interest:

We have compiled a list of lakes that we are interested in comparing to UKL, and travelling there to study them.

Titles and links to recent presentations:

  • NALMS2006 poster on the humic hypothesis
  • NALMS2007 talk on bouyancy and photosynthetic efficiency
  • NALMS2008 buoyancy of AFA and distribution in UKL
  • NALMS2009 Rueter & Rouhe "The
  • Rueter - OLA - 2009
  • Rouhe - OLA - 2009
  • Rueter, Scrivens and Rouhe "The pattern of stratification and destratification is an important characteristic in the dominance of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae in Upper Klamath and Agency Lakes (Oregon). NALMS2010.pdf
  • Rueter and Rouhe. 2011. Does Low O2 Cause Aphanizomenon to Crash?: Cellular respiration and oxygen consumption by Aphanizomenon flos-aquae as a function of temperature and oxygen concentrations. Rueter-NALMS-2011.pdf
  • Rueter 2012. Coping with the Complexity of Lake Management: How visualization of the whole system can help. NALMS2012.pdf
  • Rueter and Scrivens 2012. Using a one-dimensional mixing model to help study stratification patterns in a shallow lake. NALMS2012-poster.pdf
  • Gillet, Pan, Rueter, Strecker, Blakman, Chang and Foster. Long-term phytoplankton dynamics in Upper Klamath Lake with considerations of trophic structure and climate change. NALMS, Nov 2014,Tampa, Fl..NALMS2014-UKL-retrospective.pdf
  • Rueter. Interactive exploration of worldviews and lake management apporaches. NALMS, Nov 2014, Tampa FL. NALMS2014-worldviews.pdf
  • Rueter. draft - NALMS2015